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Celestial Light

Light and Life

Harmony of Chords


Guiding Love

Free Will

Paradise Ascent

Tree of Life

"Tree of Life", "Garden of Eden"
A symbolic Tree of Life: Our evolving soul guided by God's presence within, divine evidence of oneness in the universe and potential for renewal.
          Life Force of the Universe

Even this broken leaf found in an office hallway still contained the universe force of life. This fallen leaf without a stem was nurtured back to vitality with water and light alone for six months. Then its life force slowly began to fade.

When its caretaker had firmly decided to continue that nurture until its life had finally passed, only then did the life force of the universe display its mysterious endurance - new growth appeared!

Nurture your own Tree of Life even to the end of its days on earth and you will awaken on the mansion world of heaven to continue your long journey to Paradise.

      Gardens of Spiritual Progress
    Inspired by the life and ministry
of the Son of Man and his revelation
         of the Fatherhood of God
          and Brotherhood of All,
 we are guided by a new revelation
of loving ministry and social service
 and unite to reveal the living truth
           of a spiritual universe,
        for we are the caretakers
of the gardens of spiritual progress.