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Celestial Light

Light and Life

Harmony of Chords


Guiding Love

Free Will

Paradise Ascent

Tree of Life

Before the millennium ends, East and West will join in celebration of their common spiritual destiny. The waters of separation are receding silently from the shores of our spiritual islands, revealing that we all are members of one spiritual family. Even in the midst of conflict, our inner spiritual guidance affirms that global brotherhood prevails and without boundaries. In brotherhood, we find mutual respect, understanding, trust and peace - share this living light of life.

Aitnaru, a uniting of words from the West (ait "island"
) and from the East (naru "to become"), symbolizes this awakening realization of universal brotherhood. Aitnaru emerged from the static words of pages to become a living expression of increasing awareness of spiritual family. This personal cosmic sensitivity finds opportunity for meaningful expression in many artistic creations, human interactions and celebratory events.

Another expression of celebration was quietly inaugurated this century during the first seven days of December: the world's first group recognition of the bestowals of the creator of our universe. Subsequent celebrations already appear to herald the beginning of a new tradition of seasonal reflection, celebrations soon destined to evolve from personal reflection to public appreciation and enlightenment.

Having awakened to realization of spiritual family, the lions and lambs of our new Revelation now roam the earth, guided by the light of our Paradise Father within and by our faithful celestial guides. Loving service and words of comfort in the name of spiritual brotherhood confirm their presence. Welcome the increasing enlightenment and sensitivity bestowed by celestial winds of change caressing our planet.

In brotherhood, we learn how our infinite creator is honored by the many unique and personal expressions of worship offered by his loving children, worship facilitated by mind and consciousness. Commune privately and often to contact the divine presence within, but enjoy the opportunities to worship within community to share values, experience and brotherhood.

As science struggles to prove the existence of God, the mind of man has long-experienced the reality of God, creator of mind and consciousness: search within to find God; explore the universe to discover science. And know that both journeys provide the greatest satisfactions of life on earth when enriched by the interaction of brotherhood.